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How to Ask for Vacation Time (The Right Way)

11/14/2014 | 

You just started your new job, and the holidays are rapidly approaching. You really need to start getting your holiday vacation plans in place. Just because you’re the new guy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your vacation time. Here are some tips on how to ask for time off at your new job the right way from our Raleigh staffing team.

Defy the Scariness of Being a Temp Worker, this Holiday Season

10/22/2014 | 

Being a temporary employee might sound like a scary thing to a lot of people, but working a temporary job isn’t actually so scary anymore. Temporary jobs are actually at an all-time high demand, and many of those jobs are becoming full-time positions.

Staffing Industry Soaring Throughout the Nation

10/10/2014 | 

Bouncing back from a recession is never easy, but over the last year, the country has seen an all-time high for the number of temporary workers in the workforce. Our Raleigh staffing agency has experienced a growth in the number of temporary and contract jobs we are able to fulfill for residents around the Triangle.

10 Reasons Why You didn’t get a job

09/20/2014 | 

So, you thought you nailed the interview and didn’t end up getting the job. Here are 10 common reasons why employers don’t hire you, even if you do nail the interview.

5 reasons to hire a staffing agency

09/11/2014 | 

Jobs can be hard to come by, especially in a recession. Hiring a staffing agency can help take some of the pressure off of you when it comes to looking for a job.

Are People Ready for the 2014 Holiday Season?

08/28/2014 | 

Have you ever asked yourself what the end of the year means for your favorite businesses? With the holiday season quickly approaching, Raleigh business owners have to ask if their business is ready for the end of the year. The holidays mean hiring extra temporary workers, part-time workers, or even more full-time workers for a few months.

What it Means to be Part Time in Today’s Job Market

08/13/2014 | 

While the number of jobs in the economy is definitely increasing. With 288,000 jobs added in June of this year, economists have little worry about the rise of employment. However, the majority of jobs added were part-time. Although part-time employment isn’t ideal for millions of Americans, it’s better than unemployment altogether.

Questions To Ask Before Taking a Job

07/22/2014 | 

So it’s good that you finally got the job, but it’s important to understand what you need to do after said offer.

The Job Hopper Connotation

07/8/2014 | 

Being a job hopper, has a nasty connotation. Being a Raleigh staffing company, we hear the term a lot from both people and companies, but in order for a person to stop being one it’s important that you understand what one is.

Raleigh Staffing Agency See’s Job Growth in a Few Sectors

06/22/2014 | 

If you’re looking for a job in today’s market, it can be tough. The economy is still not at the point that it was at three years ago and many markets are still not hiring.

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