What it Means to be Part Time in Today’s Job Market

08/13/2014 | 

While the number of jobs in the economy is definitely increasing. With 288,000 jobs added in June of this year, economists have little worry about the rise of employment. However, the majority of jobs added were part-time. Although part-time employment isn’t ideal for millions of Americans, it’s better than unemployment altogether.

According to the Labor Department, there are 7.5 million part-time workers who prefer full-time jobs. Part-time employment can mean a lot of frustrating things. Inconsistent schedules, lack of benefits, and lower incomes are just a few concerns with being a part-time employee.

Employers are using more part-time and temporary workers for short-term projects, using them as they need them and letting them go when they no longer do. Many part-time employees work multiple jobs to make ends meet. The inconsistency of schedules that come with part-time jobs can cause issues when working multiple jobs.

Even the financial benefit from two jobs doesn’t take care of the healthcare issue. Employers are hiring two or three people to work less than 30 hours per week to do a job rather than 1 full-time person to whom they would have to provide healthcare to.

The Benefits of Being Part-Time

That’s not saying that part time work is not a terrible thing. There are many benefits of being part-time that people take advantage of every day.

Part-time benefits include:

  •  Limited and Often Flexible Hours
  • Less Responsibilities
  • Gives You the Opportunity to Train in a New Field

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