Defy the Scariness of Being a Temp Worker, this Holiday Season

10/22/2014 | 

Being a temporary employee might sound like a scary thing to a lot of people, but working a temporary job isn’t actually so scary anymore. Temporary jobs are actually at an all-time high demand, and many of those jobs are becoming full-time positions.

Being a temp worker can allow you to experience different types of work. Different job assignments last for different amounts of time, but having a couple temp assignments per year can mean avoiding the monotony and burn outs you get from doing the same thing day after day, year after year. Moving around allows you to experience different work settings, which can help when deciding what you want in a permanent job.

With each job, you gain new skills. Even in an industry you know nothing about, a temporary position can help you to learn and open doors, making you more well-rounded. Your temporary job is also a networking opportunity. If it’s a job that doesn’t turn permanent, you at least have a whole new list of people who know your name and your work ethic.

Even if a temporary position seems like a scary thing, it’s better than no job at all. Having an income while searching for something permanent isn’t so bad. Sometimes, temp positions provide insurance and benefits while you are on your assignment, which could last up to a year. The country has seen temporary and contract job positions in high demand over the last year, and expects to see that trend continue, with a high conversion rate to full-time jobs.

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