Staffing Advice on How to Handle the COVID-19 Pandemic

03/29/2020 | 

We live in crazy and unprecedented times these days due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s not something we’ve ever seen before and hopefully will never see again. The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused many people their jobs over the last few weeks and unemployment numbers are hitting record highs.

Many people are finding themselves now more than ever before stuck at home either unemployed or forced to stay at home, due to social distancing leaving many feel alone or stuck. It’s important to know though that “social distancing” isn’t the end-all and be all to your career. There are still things that you can do both personally and professionally to help yourself grow in these times.

If you and/or someone you know is locked-in during this pandemic here are a few things that you can do.

Learn New Skills -> Learning new skills is a great thing to due, during this pandemic. If you find yourself with free time invest in an online course or even search YouTube for lessons on things you’ve always wanted to know how to do.

Make Connections  -> Whether it’s through LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social network, there are thousands of ways to make friends and connections in today’s age. Pick a network and engage, to make friends instantly. You never know what that friend can turn into.

Create Content for Your Industry – Whether it’s a blog or shooting video there are tons of opportunities out there to make content for your industry. Content creation can put yourself in the position to be a thought leader that can help your business or even your professional life grow.

Volunteer – Last but not least volunteer. Use this time to help local businesses or friends, in this time of need. There are tons of organizations that could use your help and use your skills for good.

There’s plenty of things one can do in today’s day and age from home. It’s just a matter of applying yourself and finding the time.

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As a CAD Designer with over 10 years of Project Manager experience Charlie Seymour is the Vice President of Operations of Seymour Staffing, Inc. a hiring and placement firm for white-collar workers throughout the Triangle.

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