Questions To Ask Before Taking a Job

07/22/2014 | 

So it’s good that you finally got the job, but it’s important to understand what you need to do after said offer.

Just because you have landed a qualifying offer, it’s important that you understand the questions that you need to ask yourself in order to figure out if the job is for you.

  1. Does this position fit with my personal values? Once you have had the interview, it’s important that you reach out to other people in the company and find out what it’s like working there. Social networks like LinkedIn, and even the greater internet as a whole, can give you the opportunity to find out the goals of the company and to find out if they align with you.
  2. Will this job support my long-term career goals? It’s important that you understand what your long-term goals are when taking a new position. Once you have these goals figure out if they match with the position that you are going into.
  3. Will this job help me grow? It’s important that you ask yourself what the lifelong aspects of the job is and what challenges you will face. Will it push you and help you grow to be a better person or will it be another stressful opportunity?
  4. How will this job affect my family? Your friends and family will have your back no matter what you do, but it’s important that you ask them their thoughts on the new position before you take it. A job can have both negative and positive impacts on relationships, so it’s important that you understand what affect this one will have on those around you.
  5. Do I like the team that I will be working with? Finally, last but not least, look at the individual members of the team.  If you had been hired properly you had gotten a look at the entire organization and been able to find a little bit about the people who work there. Find out if their intentions match with yours.

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