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Manufacturing Education Changes

05/16/2018 | 

Manufacturing it’s undergone a renaissance as of late and for many people, it’s been hard to keep up with all of the changes. Before the technology renaissance, manufacturing was a default job for those who didn’t have an education and needed an easy job, but in a time when robots and 3D printing have made […]

Robots in the Manufacturing Space

04/16/2018 | 

Robots, they are all the rage today but despite the fact that robots have been a staple of the manufacturing process for the last few years there are still many years to go if they are going to take over the world like many people suggest. Robots in Manufacturing Let’s be honest, robots are not […]

With Equipment Buying Down, is this a Look at What’s to Come

03/12/2018 | 

In a new post by Rueters manufacturing equipment buying is cooling down? Many sense this might be impending doom on the manufacturing industry but is it? As the article points out manufacturing spending hit record highs near the end of 2017 thankfully due to a Trump Administration that preached “America First”. Those highs are starting […]

What makes someone great for a manufacturing role?

02/11/2018 | 

As manufacturing continues to grow in the United States and organizations such as Amazon and Apple start to look inwards instead of outwards fo manufacturing help, it’s time to start thinking what makes a good manufacturing employee. Manufacturing employees used to be a dime a dozen as many manufacturers used to hire just about anyone…but […]

2018 State of Manufacturing

01/31/2018 | 

2017 has come and gone but it’s time for a new year and a new outlook for the manufacturing sector. President Trump continues to push a positive path for manufacturing with his many outbursts of “America First”, leading many to believe that we’ll have another good year for manufacturing. The President has pushed forth a lot […]

US Manufacturing to get Chinese Investment

11/12/2017 | 

Forgot us, if you’ve heard this story before but overseas companies are looking to invest into the US. In a story that’s straight from CNN, a Chinese investment group is partnering with Goldman Saches to invest money into United States manufacturing. This might sound silly to some as it’s often times, the other way around […]

The 10 Points of Manufacturing

10/30/2017 | 

Wal-Mart is not a company you think of when you think of manufacturing and putting America first, however they are trying to change that. Long believed to be a company that was dated and all about cutting corners, Walmart has quietly been doing research on manufacturing and what it means to you. WalMart and Manufacturing […]

Apple and the Manufacturing Industry

09/14/2017 | 

Apple’s big day has come and gone, and it looks like we will be getting that new iPhone, new iTV, and various other Apple devices in just a matter of days. Despite all of the announcements, including the iPhone X, the real defining moment for us is how Apple will continue to define the manufacturing […]

What the Toyota and Mazda Deal means for Manufacturing

08/13/2017 | 

If you’ve been following the manufacturing sector, you may have heard that Toyota and Mazda are partnering together to bring a manufacturing plant to the United States. What does this mean for the manufacturing sector? Good things of course. Manufacturing for the Future Bringing Companies overseas is something that President Trump has talked about since […]

Is A Job in Manufacturing for You?

07/23/2017 | 

While many jobs are on the rise, it might be time to start thinking about a post-secondary education in the form of manufacturing? Why manufacturing? For many, IT or a career as an entrepreneur might be the sexy pick these days, but manufacturing jobs are actually on the rise. Despite the lore of machines taking […]

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