10 Reasons Why You didn’t get a job

09/20/2014 | 

Why didn’t I get the job? That’s a question as a Raleigh staffing firm, that we get a lot. It’s often important to take a self assessment to figure out why you didn’t get the job or why it wasn’t a perfect match.

So, you thought you nailed the interview and didn’t end up getting the job. Here are 10 common reasons why employers don’t hire you, even if you do nail the interview.

  1. The employer didn’t believe you were truly interested in the job – Almost every employer leaves time for the interviewee to ask questions at the end. You may do great at answering the questions you get asked, but not asking questions about the company can make you appear uninterested.
  2. Not being prepared for the interview – Being late, showing up looking inappropriately dressed, and not doing your company research first are all common signs that you aren’t prepared for the interview, and probably won’t be prepared for the job.
  3. Skill set mismatch – Employers don’t require every single skill set to match the job description, but having too many mismatched skills will result in the employer simply choosing someone more qualified.
  4. You were rude to the receptionist – After you leave the interview, more and more hiring managers talk with the receptionist to see how polite or rude you were. If you can’t be polite to the receptionist, then you might not be polite to customers or other employees.
  5. Internal hiring – Often times, employers will choose to simply go with hiring internally rather than bring in someone from the outside.
  6. You came off as too aggressive – Employers want to know that you are qualified but don’t want to hire someone who thinks they already know everything about everything. Hiring managers are looking for qualified, but open-minded employees who are willing to comply with company ways.
  7. Bad chemistry – Like any other relationship, sometimes, it just isn’t a good fit.
  8. Other people are better networkers – Candidates who are better at and more involved in networking in the area often get jobs over people who don’t network. The larger a candidates network, the more likely they are to have a mutual acquaintance or reference.
  9. Too high salary requirements – Especially when jobs are in high demand, a company will likely hire a candidate willing to do the same work for a smaller salary.
  10. Your references didn’t support you – References can be the final make or break after a job offer or interview, which is why it’s important to leave previous jobs on positive note.

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As a CAD Designer with over 10 years of Project Manager experience Charlie Seymour is the Vice President of Operations of Seymour Staffing, Inc. a hiring and placement firm for white-collar workers throughout the Triangle.

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