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How to Sharpen Your Skills While Unemployed

01/10/2014 | 

Regardless of your employment status, if you are a contractor or even have a part-time or full-time position it is important to keep your skills sharp for the next job opportunity. Many think that while being unemployed, it is perfectly acceptable to sit back and relax until the next job prospect comes.

A look into the Future of Staffing Services

12/22/2013 | 

As a company that interviews potential employees, how do you go about making your hiring decisions? Each company has their own system for weeding out unqualified workers and hiring the right employees for the job.

Raleigh Part-Time and Contract Placement On the Rise

12/11/2013 | 

According to Fox Business, there has been a rise in part-time hiring. There is surrounded speculation that this increase has occurred due to “the economic recession, cheaper labor, concerns about the Affordable Care Act and offering health benefits to full-timers.”

Raleigh Staffing Agency Looking to Hire

11/22/2013 | 

According to the American Staffing Association, the quantity of employees in temporary and contracted positions is up 15.1 percent from last year. Comparatively, the employment rate difference from October 2012 to the same month this year was up 4.9 percent.

Raleigh Job Placement During the Holidays

11/9/2013 | 

Although most people assume that the holidays too busy a time for hiring purposes, it turns out that it’s actually a great time to seek out a job. Many people believe that the holidays are a “high season” for companies.

Why Staffing Agencies Are On the Rise

10/12/2013 | 

Since the recession in June 2009, temporary staffing jobs have made up about 19% of all new jobs. Turning to a Raleigh staffing agency is becoming a rising trend in today’s economy. There are many advantages for contacting a temporary staffing agency.

Recruiting and Hiring Tips for your Small Business

09/17/2013 | 

Recruiting and Hiring Tips for your Small Business So you’re a small business and your asking yourself, “how do I compete with bigger companies for top talent?”  Well, you’re in luck, because believe it or not, small businesses are in demand.  However, these new recruits aren’t going to be lining up at your door, resume […]

Our New WordPress Website

03/27/2013 | 

Seymour Staffing announces launch of our new custom designed website, built by Raleigh web design and internet marketing company, Thee Design Studio.

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