The Job Hopper Connotation

07/8/2014 | 

Being a job hopper, has a nasty connotation. Being a Raleigh staffing company, we hear the term a lot from both people and companies, but in order for a person to stop being one it’s important that you understand what one is.

A job hopper, in its purist form, is someone who jumps from one job to the next often without rhyme or reason.  The job span, of a job hopper usually stands within less than 1 year as he or she jumps from one job to the next. Though every field is kind of different and some career paths are known as job jumpers it’s important that you understand what to look for in a job hunter.

If you are a job hunter and are asked about it during an interview, it’s important that you:

  1. Be Honest. You will be asked about this in an interview. When the time comes be open and upfront about why you changed positions so often and what the reasoning for it was.
  2. Talk About Your Accomplishments. It’s important in your resume and cover letter that you let companies know about your accomplishments, during your time in these positions. Remember don’t speak bad about companies and instead speak highly of them.
  3. Explain Your Skills. If you did do a bit of job jumping it’s important that you sell your skill set and what you learned about these jobs. Let people know how an Administrative Assistant and Meat Cutter job prepared you for your next role and how your skills can transition to different roles.

These are just a few of the ways that you can get away with being a job hunter in today’s world.

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