2019 Manufacturing Trends

12/16/2018 | 

As 2018 comes to a close it’s time to look forward to 2019 and what manufacturing is going to look like.

The world is turning faster than ever before and buzzwords continue to be a thing in the workplace. Despite this though, manufacturers everywhere are determined not to get distracted and are focused on doing what they do best, which is manufacture.  As the world continues to evolve and we continue to hear things such as AI, drones, and artificial intelligence in today’s world it is hard to keep on what you are supposed to focus on and what you are not.

As not just a recruiter, but as a manufacturing recruiter, our goal is to keep our eyes on the latest trends and here’s what we are looking forward too in 2019.

  • AI. Robots and machines have long been a part of the manufacturing workforce, but the concept of AI is just now starting to pop up into the manufacturing world and its use will continue to evolve as people find more and more ways to customize and humanize the automized machines that are already being used in the manufacturing workforce.
  • Analytics and Data Roles. Big data has been around for awhile, but more and more data roles will be coming into the manufacturing spot as engineers and business owners, look to make their machines and production schedules more efficient than ever before.
  • IoT(Internet of Things). With the power of the internet and technology now hitting into the workforce, many companies have invested in the internet of things to view datasets and to manage technologies remotely. This will only continue as the workforce of manufacturing continues to grow and bold.
  • Investment in Skills. Hard skills are declining more than ever before in today’s workforce are declining in manufacturing, so look for more and more manufacturers to find ways to increase the skills o their workers.

These are the 4 things we’re looking at in role os jobs and technology in the manufacturing place, what about yourself?

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As a CAD Designer with over 10 years of Project Manager experience Charlie Seymour is the Vice President of Operations of Seymour Staffing, Inc. a hiring and placement firm for white-collar workers throughout the Triangle.

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