Raleigh Staffing Agency See’s Job Growth in a Few Sectors

06/22/2014 | 

If you’re looking for a job in today’s market, it can be tough. The economy is still not at the point that it was at three years ago and many markets are still not hiring.

Thankfully though, in the last few months our Raleigh staffing specialists have seen a few sectors rebound, as we head towards the second half of 2014. We’re far from a place we should be, but many job sectors are seeing growth and are prime to continue.

Raleigh Staffing Company See’s Growth in these Sectors

  • IT – The IT Job sector is continuing to grow at alarming rates. Medium year-over-year growth was up 9% in April according to Staffing Industry News If any industry is seeing growth, it’s the IT sector.
  • Office – While IT jobs continue to rise, office jobs continue to fall. Many people are taking to consolidating many office roles and implementing more work shifting positions within the company.
  • Industrial – As business slowly continue to grow, so does the industrial sector . More business leads to growth of industrial products.
  • Service Industries – Though retail continues to stagnate, service industries such as the food industry have seen jobs rise as of late.
  • Home Market – Sadly the housing market is continuing be a sector influx. Many regions have seen housing acquisitions rise, while others have seen them decrease.

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