How to Ask for Vacation Time (The Right Way)

11/14/2014 | 

You just started your new job, and the holidays are rapidly approaching. You really need to start getting your holiday vacation plans in place. Just because you’re the new guy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your vacation time. Here are some tips on how to ask for time off at your new job the right way from our Raleigh staffing team.

When is it ok to ask for time off?

Typically, three months is an acceptable time to ask for time off. After three months, you’ve typically passed the 90-day trial period, and acquired some vacation time. Taking a few days off after 3-4 months isn’t going to shock anyone.

Of course, being a new employee either part-time or full-time, means you want to be careful about when you use your vacation time. The last thing you want to do is take your vacation during the company’s busiest time of the year. Don’t be afraid to talk to a co-worker or your boss about when the best time to take off would be. Getting a supervisor’s opinion on this shows that you take your job seriously, and respect the company’s time.

It’s best to clarify with your boss before you leave what he or she expects from you during your vacation. Some companies expect their employees to still be accessible by email. Find out not only what he expects of you while you’re gone, but also what he or she needs from you before you leave.  You can also leave a phone number for emergencies, as they do arise.

Remember addressing the situation professionally and appropriately is the best way to get clear answers on what is acceptable. You won’t only make the process of asking for time off easier, but you’ll earn the respect of your employer.

Remember staffing is the first thing to do.

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