Staffing Industry Soaring Throughout the Nation

10/10/2014 | 

Bouncing back from a recession is never easy, but over the last year, the country has seen an all-time high for the number of temporary workers in the workforce. Our Raleigh staffing agency has experienced a growth in the number of temporary and contract jobs we are able to fulfill for residents around the Triangle.

The number of people receiving unemployment benefits has also reached an 8 year low. The use of temporary employment has become something that many companies are turning to, to avoid burning out full-time employees, and still meet day-to-day goals. 8500 temporary jobs were added in July 2014. Employers are starting to turn these temp positions into full-time opportunitiesĀ and that trend is expected to continue.

How Staffing Agencies Can Help Out

Staffing agencies can provide companies with a faster hiring process, and more flexibility without risking hiring unproductive employees. Companies love the option to hire temporary or temp-to-hire work, and the demand for those positions has been increasing. The nation is even seeing salary increases for temporary workers. Likewise, as the demand for staff agency services increases, more job seekers are turning to staff agencies for work. Many experts say that the soaring of staffing agency usage is an indicator the economic growth in the workforce.

Looking for Temporary Work in Raleigh?

Seymour Staffing is here to help you find employment in the Raleigh-Durham areas. We specialize in the medical, administrative, and engineering industries for full-time, part-time, contract, and temporary work. Submit your resume online or call Seymour Staffing at 919-424-6318