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The State of Manufacturing Jobs

06/26/2017 | 

We’re halfway through the new year and what a year it’s been. With a new presidential candidate in the whitehouse and a new political party in power, many people are wondering what the state of the manufacturing sector is. Manufacturing, after all, l seems to go hand and hand with the economy. When the economy […]

3 Employee Benefits to Consider

05/15/2017 | 

A company is only as good as its people. It is important to remember as your manufacturing company grows, its greatest asset should grow and benefit as well. Increased salary and raises are great, but there are a number of other ways you can give back to your employees during the work-year to increase your […]

Why Does A Manufacturing Recruiter Do?

04/25/2017 | 

Manufacturing is difficult we know this. Though manufacturing is often seen as a dirty white collar job, it’s a career path that needs to be filled. It’s often times demanding, stressful, and hard working and for those in it, you will often work ungodly hrs. to produce items that you won’t get any credit for. That’s […]

Employement Advice 101: Be Kind to Your Boss

02/22/2015 | 

National thank your employees day is slowly approaching and it’s that time of the year, where your boss says thank you for everything that goes foregranted in your office.

How to Be Prepared for Your Next Job

02/8/2015 | 

Good news, the latest reports say that we added over 213,000 jobs in January, thus continuing with the improved job numbers that many analysts were talking about in 2014.

Understanding Flexible Staffing Needs?

01/23/2015 | 

Flexible staffing, is an option that many of you in the job hunting world have probably heard of, but not taken advantage of. It refers to a particular type of job that could be beneficial for you as you look for a new job or look for extra income.

New Job Hunting Tips

01/12/2015 | 

I need a new job in 2015, that’s on a lot of people’s New Year’s resolutions. If you are looking to change your job, here are a few suggestions on how to do it.

What Black Friday Sales Mean for the Economy

12/23/2014 | 

Black Friday has been notoriously the biggest shopping day for years. Every year, hundreds of millions of shoppers gear up before the crack of dawn to start their Christmas shopping. This is one of the most important weekends of the year for retailers, giving them one last opportunity before the end of the year to make the difference between a profitable year and a non-profitable year.

North Carolina Jobs, Caught Up From the Recession

12/10/2014 | 

North Carolina’s unemployment rate is dropping. Not only that, but the state has hit a milestone in the number of jobs being reported, which is great for us as a Raleigh staffing firm. Some reports state that North Carolina has finally recovered all that were lost during the recession.

October Employment Numbers

11/23/2014 | 

As jobs in the United States are on the rise, one sector is really booming. The services industry is among the most expansive. Last month, jobs including retailers, builders, and health care providers all showed encouraging expansion and hiring.

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