How to Make Your Job Post Shine Online

11/12/2018 | 

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it, many of us will be evaluating our company forecasts and putting together hiring forecasts for 2019. Though it can often be fun to imagine your team growing, the steps to make it grow can often be difficult and frightening but thankfully our team is here to help.

Before the internet, a job would often be found through networking or through a recruitment office, sometimes you would even see a sign for a job that was open and be able to apply on the spot but the internet has changed all that. Now with the internet, we have a variety of hiring channels including Career Builder, Monster, and LinkedIn to find jobs at. These platforms can often be difficult and monsterious to for employers, however, with a little bit of work they can be great tools.

If you do find yourself not getting the applicants that you want from these platforms, here are a few suggestions that we recommend doing:

  1. Don’t Leave a Section Blank. It’s important when placing a posting on a third party site that you fill out every part of the posting and don’t leave it blank. An empty job section can often cause a job seeker to be worried about the employer and cause them to have doubts about it.
  2. Think About Your Keywords. It’s not just important that you fill out each entry completely but that you fill out the entry with the right words. The internet runs on keywords and it’s important that you have an idea of how to use them, in terms of your job entry. In terms of a job description think about the words that people would use when looking up your open positions and use the language that they would use.
  3. Fill Out the Job Description Completely and Also Add Information About Your Company. Your job description is the most important field in your job entry and it’s important that you don’t skip out on filling information in this section. Be though and accurate when describing the job and also don’t hesitate to add information about your company here.
  4. Mention Your Benefits. People care about benefits. You don’t need to add every single one of your benefits to each one of your posts but add the general benefits that everyone expects to see including 401K information and action information.

Follow these steps and your job post will shine online sooner rather than later.

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As a CAD Designer with over 10 years of Project Manager experience Charlie Seymour is the Vice President of Operations of Seymour Staffing, Inc. a hiring and placement firm for white-collar workers throughout the Triangle.

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