What the Toyota and Mazda Deal means for Manufacturing

08/13/2017 | 

Car Manufacturing Recruiting

If you’ve been following the manufacturing sector, you may have heard that Toyota and Mazda are partnering together to bring a manufacturing plant to the United States.

What does this mean for the manufacturing sector? Good things of course.

Manufacturing for the Future

Bringing Companies overseas is something that President Trump has talked about since he took office. Though we shouldn’t expect thousands of other manufacturing jobs to come immediately, this is a potential sign of what’s to come. As other manufacturers are surely eyeing Toyota and Mazda of what will happen with their plant.

Manufacturing has changed and this doesn’t immediately need that we are going to get the same old manufacturing jobs that we know and love when this plant is open. Both Toyota and Mazda will push to modernize this plant as it opens in America, so look for a high number jobs to include Project Managers, Engineers, Electricians, and Machinists that require degrees instead of simpler assembler positions that older manufacturing plants were filled with.

Also it will be important to see what this means for unions. The traditional union system is one of the reasons why many corporations went overseas and it will be interesting to see if the Union system defines where this plant goes. Union are not allowed in so called “Detroit South” states such as South Carolina or North Carolina where the automakers are looking to move their plant.

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