2018 State of Manufacturing

01/31/2018 | 

2017 has come and gone but it’s time for a new year and a new outlook for the manufacturing sector. President Trump continues to push a positive path for manufacturing with his many outbursts of “America First”, leading many to believe that we’ll have another good year for manufacturing.

The President has pushed forth a lot of policies to make sure that products are being built inside the United States but this is not the only reason why this sector is growing. One of the many reasons for this is due to a low U.S. inventory investment made by manufacturing and construction companies in the recent years. Since it’s peak in the first quarter of 2015, manufacturing inventories have been slowly winding and 2018 looks to be its resurgence. This is helped by a growing economy is surging. The housing market has seen growth as well in many top cities.


It’s also important to note that a decline in Chinese manufacturing will also continue to help the expansion of the US manufacturing sector in 2018. Once known as the fabled manufacturing king, China has seen a slowdown in recent years as newer employment laws have made low-end manufacturing suffer. These new laws have stagnated China’s manufacturing growth and forced companies to invest elsewhere.

The cost of the US Dollar has also been slowly declining in China, despite the US’s growth creating an inflated Chinese Yun which also causes worry for many manufacturers looking to invest in the country.

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