The 10 Points of Manufacturing

10/30/2017 | 

Wal-Mart is not a company you think of when you think of manufacturing and putting America first, however they are trying to change that. Long believed to be a company that was dated and all about cutting corners, Walmart has quietly been doing research on manufacturing and what it means to you.

WalMart and Manufacturing

This past summer Walmart released a 10 point roadmap, on what it believed would help reinvigorate manufacturing here in the United States. Though a lot of their manufacturing is been done overseas in China, they believe that more can be done here in the United States.

The amount of regulations here in the United States was often mentioned as a common problem when it came to streamlining compliance requirements in manufacturing. They also pointed out that training, in particular vocational training, is lacking here in the United States and it called for reducing financial burdens on companies that are forced to train said employees.

This 10 point list included ->

  1. Building vocational training programs linked to local industries.
  2. Reducing financial burdens on the private industry to train and upskill workers.
  3. Rebranding American manufacturing to attract the new generation of workers and drive demand of domestic partners.
  4. Encourage growth of component production to help close supply chain gaps.
  5. Facilitate public-private cooperation to promote manufacturing clusters.
  6. Harmonize manufacturing regulations across different levels of government, and eliminate federal overlap.
  7. Streamline compliance requirements for criticality and business size.
  8. Create globally competitive tax environment, including lower rates and a territorial system.
  9. Expand and protect targeted, state and local tax credits and deductions that foster manufacturing investments.
  10. Modernize trade agreements to enhance the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing.

What does this mean for you, though?

It means there is hope in America for the Manufacturing space and people are thinking about the future. It all begins with a way of thinking. Collaboration between businesses and the government needs to happen if they want to revitalize manufacturing here in the United States.

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