Manufacturing Education Changes

05/16/2018 | 

Manufacturing it’s undergone a renaissance as of late and for many people, it’s been hard to keep up with all of the changes.

Before the technology renaissance, manufacturing was a default job for those who didn’t have an education and needed an easy job, but in a time when robots and 3D printing have made huge changes to a once quiet industry, manufacturing is no longer the simple man (or woman’s) job.

Industry leaders such as Walmart and even Ford have done what they can to keep their manufacturing employees educated and updated on the latest technologies, but it still has a long ways to go. No longer are people asked to simply push buttons or to lay things on a conveyer belt in warehouses ad manufacturing plants. Now manufacturing employees are asked to be creative, electronic, and to be able to adapt to the modern industries needs.

Here’s a look at how some organizations are changing how education in the manufacturing field is changing.

– The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is collaborating with aerospace company Boeing to offer online courses for professionals. These classes will give students critical skills when it comes to polymers, metals, and advanced materials with the end goal to give people an understanding of prototyping and manufacturing small parts using devices such as 3D printers.

– While over in Clemson students are now getting a holistic education. Instead of the typical automotive manufacturing education that many students are use to from the automotive engineering department, students are now getting an eye for wearable sensing, rooting automation, and data and analytics. All skills they can use on the factory floor.

Manufacturing is changing and it’s in order for us to keep up, if we want to survive.

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