US Manufacturing to get Chinese Investment

11/12/2017 | 

Forgot us, if you’ve heard this story before but overseas companies are looking to invest into the US.

In a story that’s straight from CNN, a Chinese investment group is partnering with Goldman Saches to invest money into United States manufacturing. This might sound silly to some as it’s often times, the other way around for companies with many outside companies going overseas to invest into but this time money is coming to the US.

But why you might ask? A few things are spurring on the recent growth of business here in the US.

  1. Unemployment rate is at an all time low. In almost every poll, the unemployment rate continues to fall which gives companies plenty of expectations to think that the economy is doing great.
  2. The economy is actually doing just fine. With more people employed, the GDP is shrinking and people are actually spending money which is great for the economy.
  3. President Trump, is doing everything he can to push the economy. President Trump is doing everything that he can to push for more and more companies to invest in the US and our manufacturing, which has caught attention from people both inside and outside the US.

The estimated investment is worth $5 million dollars and plans to be invested into healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial services.

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