Robots in the Manufacturing Space

04/16/2018 | 

Robots, they are all the rage today but despite the fact that robots have been a staple of the manufacturing process for the last few years there are still many years to go if they are going to take over the world like many people suggest.

Robots in Manufacturing

Let’s be honest, robots are not going anywhere. In a world where automation and quick service is on demand, the need for robots is ever growing. However, once you look into the services that robots in the workplace do offer you will be surprised to learn that their services are less in demand than you would think.

Robots fix many issues that have long been issues of man. Robots can do remedial tasks that many people don’t want to do and they can automate these tasks making them quicker and more efficient. Also, robots take out of the human element, no longer do you have to worry about Joe being sick or Joe complaining about doing the job instead of allowing a robot to do a monotonous task fixes many a problem.

Robots Come at a Cost Though

Robots though do come at a cost though, and their adoption is a lot slower in the manufacturing workplace than you would think.

Robots though great for remedial tasks do not offer the customization that many humans can offer on projects and have much more upfront costs than a human being. Imagine hiring a human being worth $1000? Well, imagine having to rebuild your entire operation to fit in a robot worker.

Also, the human element that often can cause problems in the workplace is often the savior. When a problem arises in a factory it’s not a robot that can fix it but a human being. Human beings ability to customize both feelings and projects allow them to fix even the biggest of problems.

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As a CAD Designer with over 10 years of Project Manager experience Charlie Seymour is the Vice President of Operations of Seymour Staffing, Inc. a hiring and placement firm for white-collar workers throughout the Triangle.

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