Tobacco and Cigarette Manufacturing

Operators and Servicemen who work in the tobacco and cigarette manufacturing arena, specializing in the creation and distribution, of tobacco and cigarettes for consumer use. Though tobacco usage, has declined over the years the tobacco crop continues to still be in high demand through smokeless tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.

Work in tobacco and cigarette manufacturing can often be physically grueling and involve using a number of automated machines to get the job done. The use of rotary dryers and mixing machines is also often used by manufacturers to create the right flavor in the average cigarette.

Though tobacco growing can be a grueling job, that’s mostly done outside the actual manufacturing of the tobacco is done in your typical manufacturing setting. Though the actual picking of the tobacco plant is now commonly done outside the United States, the average tobacco employee in the US will spend their time in a manufacturing plant processing the plant to get the right flavor. A High School degree or Associate is often acceptable in this line of work.

Tobacco Manufacturing Jobs: Compliance Manager, Distribution Receiving Supervisor, Manufacturing Engineer, Surveillance Analyst.