What People Are Looking for in Jobs in 2019

10/16/2018 | 

Hiring this year has been hard. As a manufacturer, it’s hard to focus on what people are looking for when you are busy focusing on the project at hand.

Going into 2019 is not going to be any different though. Hiring will always be and is a difficult thing to do. People are not just looking for jobs like they did in the 19th century but they are looking for homes.

Employees change from year to year and as a manufacturing recruiter, we know this. Things are different from the time when we started looking for jobs and it’s important that companies understand this.

What People are Looking for in Manufacturing Jobs

As we begin the downward spin into 2019, it’s important that we keep an eye out on what people are looking for in their next job.

  • Job Advancement. In pop culture we talk all the time about how often millennial and younger workers are lazy, but they are in fact the opposite of lazy and are in fact hard working. What we think of lazy is them looking for opportunities for job advancement. From becoming leaders to supervisors, the next era of the workforce is looking for advancement in the workplace and not just one job.
  • Benefits. No we’re not talking about foosball tables and popcorn in the lounge, that often gets played for in the media but actual personal benefits. Millenials and people are more educated on base level benefits that companies should offer and look for them. These benefits include matching 401K plans, stock options, and maternity leave.
  • Community. In manufacturing you will be working with a team, so many people are looking for teams that they feel comfortable with working with and can bond with. No longer do people want to just go in a job and be a number, but they want to be a part of a community that they can thrive with.
  • Transparency. With social media being a thing of the time, more and more employees are able to look up their companies online. It’s more important than ever that businesses offer transparency and communication to all of their employees in every facit of their business.

These 4 items will be vital in 2019 and it will be important that we continue to offer them.

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As a CAD Designer with over 10 years of Project Manager experience Charlie Seymour is the Vice President of Operations of Seymour Staffing, Inc. a hiring and placement firm for white-collar workers throughout the Triangle.

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