How Retail’s Decline Effects Manufacturing

08/12/2018 | 

There’s no doubt that manufacturing is continuing to grow here in the United States, but one sector that we don’t talk about that’s affecting manufacturing is retail. There’s no doubt that retail shopping and buying is on the decline. Ever since the advent of the internet and shopping platforms like Amazon, people have shopped less offline and more online..

With more and more options to choose from, more and the retail locations that many of us grew up with are dying. Recently we lost Brookstone and Toys R Us, and Crocs just recently announced that it was going on the decline. Other stores are struggling as well, as they try to keep up with today’s shoppers.

As more and more retailer outfits go out of business so will their manufacturing hubs that make their items. It’s important to realize that when a company such as Brookstone closes its business, it has more ramifications than just on it’s retail employees, it, in fact, loses all of its employees from top to bottom and that includes it’s manufacturing employees as well.

Most of these businesses manufacture their products outside of the United States often times in Mexico or Asian countries, so many people think that despite the fact that they are closing it won’t affect the economy too much, however, there are more than just immigrants working at these factories. Many of these plants hire workers such as Project Managers, Designers, and CEOs who come far and wide to work at these locations including many of the United States.

Thankfully the decline in retail hasn’t affected the manufacturing outlook in the United States too much, however, only time will tell what it’s outlook will soon be.

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