How to Be Prepared for Your Next Job

02/8/2015 | 

Good news, the latest reports say that we added over 213,000 jobs in January, thus continuing with the improved job numbers that many analysts were talking about in 2014. This is great for those who are looking for jobs, but for many unemployed faces the job numbers continue to be a disappointment as they’re still looking for a job.

Many people are still at home and discouraged from looking for a job, tired of waiting for an HR Specialist or recruiter to give them a call. This sounds like many people across the nation and the world, but the goal is to not give up.

Your next job could call you at any minute. We highly suggest that you be prepared at any time and ready to answer questions if need be.

Here are a few things that you can do today to help you be prepared for when that recruiter comes looking.

  • Make sure that you’re flexible. It’s important that you remain a flexibility in your schedule at all times. Many recruiters need someone to start right away, so it’s important that you remain some flexibility on when you can start and what your availability is.
  • Make sure you’re ready to answer holes in your resume. At sometime during the interview you might be asked how you’ve kept your skills together or how you’ve stopped from being rusty during your unemployment. Be prepared to talk about this and have a canned speech ready.
  •  Make sure you’re on LinkedIn and have some technology background. HR has changed in the last 5 years due to social media and LinkedIn. Recruiters are looking at your LinkedIn profile every day trying to asses your skills and backgrounds. Make sure your social footprint is updated and relevant.

It’s important that you follow these three tips in the following months as many recruiters will be looking at your profile and be looking to hire you.

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