Textile Manufacturing Jobs

Textile maufacturing, continues to be a major job not just in the United States but throughout the World. Textile Manufacturing is the conversion of yarn to fabric, such as cotton or wool, that is then used for clothes and other applications.

Though a lot of textile manufacturing is done overseas and throughout the world, the United States does have a number of textile manufacturing plants to help with the creation and dying of fabrics. These plants that saw a decline in business, in the 90’s and 2000’s are once again starting to see an upward projectory in the southeast United States.

Though often seen as a low-level job, the textile industry has a number of high level jobs for the right person and right education. A typical day in the textile field can vary from job to job, however it can involve sitting and standing for long periods of times at most plants.

Common Textile Manufacturing Jobs: Cutter, Machine Operator, Manufacturing Supervisor, Production Associate