Telecommunications Manufacturing Jobs

Telecommunications Manufacturers manufacture hardware and devices related to telecommunications such as modems, routers, and circuit systems. In the early days this industry was primarily dedicated to working on the telephone networks but due to the recent changes in mobile and cellular technology this industry has grown to include people who work on satellites and wireless devices.

Out of all manufacturing industries, nothing has changed more telecommunications manufacturing due to technological advancements in recent years. Now instead of just working on dial-up phones, manufacturers are working on satellites and even mobile technologies to advance the lives of people throughout the world. This is not to say that those in telecommunications will not be seen still working on telephone lines or telephone poles, just the opposite in fact as telephone lines now often help transfer internet capabilities to customers worldwide.

The modern telecommunications manufacturer typically has vocational knowledge and often times a bachelor’s degree depending on the position they are applying for. Growth is strong in this industry with an expectancy of 24% in the following years.

Common Telecommunications Manufacturing Jobs: Continuous Improvement Manager, Inventory Specialist, Manufacturing Technology Supervisor, Production Manager, Quality Auditor.