Steel Manufacturing Jobs

A steel manufacturer designs, engineers, and supplys steel for the commercial and personal construction of a variety of products. This includes but is not limited too steel bars, steel plates, steel rods, and steel pipes.

Steel is a versatile metal that is used in a wide range of products from buildings to personal vehicles and has been a common manufacturing tool since the 1800s. Despite its many uses in today’s society, the steel manufacturing industry is on a decline due to the implementation of automation and competition overseas. Competition in the industry is rather tough due to it’s recent decline with opportunities best for engineers and skilled workers.

The working conditions for those in the steel industry consist of long hours in electronic art furnaces(EAFs) and integrated mills that produce iron and steel from scrap or iron ore, around the clock. Recent additions in automation and other robots, allow furnaces and plants to work around the clock. These working conditions usually include long days and in hot heated conditions.

Common Steel Manufacturing Jobs: Construction Manager, Fabrication Manager, Manufacturing Electrician, Steel Rule Die Maker