Tips for Hiring Skilled Workers

07/16/2018 | 

We talk often about skills and the growing state of the manufacturing job outlook but we don’t often talk about what it takes to find employees, which is often the most difficult part of it all.

Hiring Skilled Workers is Hard

Hiring workers in today’s economy is hard, it’s nothing to sugar coat. It’s hard to find the right employees as culture and society is changing right before our eyes. The employees of today are different from the employees of yesterday, instead of money, they want benefits, instead of long hrs. they want to work from home.

Despite what they want though, one thing is for certain. They are all afraid of working in an industry that will be taken over by automation.

Saying that though, there’s no reason to get discouraged when it comes to finding your next employees. Here are a few tips on how to find the right workers for your jobs.

  1. Look at local job fairs. If potential employees won’t go to you, you need to go to them. Look for ways to attend job fairs and get in the eyes of those looking for jobs.
  2. Find your creative hook. Look for ways to sell your brand over other people in your organization.
  3. Reach Out. Your coworkers are your biggest ambassadors find ways to get them involved in the job process and have them reach out to their friends and family about job opportunities that you have available.

It’s no longer important just to have open jobs, but if you want to fill them you will need to work for it to find the right employees.

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