Murfreesboro Manufacturing Recruiter

Murfreesboro is one of the fastest growing cities not just in Tennessee but in the nation and things are not slowing down. With  Murfreesboro getting new residents every day, it’s important that their businesses stay on top of their recruiting game and continue to find new ways to get the best talent. As a manufacturing recruiter, our job is to make sure that companies can get that talent and continue to fill their employee pipeline in their time of need.

As a manufacturing recruiter, we proudly staff for all manufacturing positions including

–Assemblers – Buyers
–Electricians – Designers
– Machine Operator – Project Managers
–Office Personnel – Warehouse Worker

Why our team you might ask? Our team has real-world experience to help those in their time of need. With experience in recruiting and hiring in the manufacturing space our team knows what it takes to survive in operations such as yours.

Murfreesboro Staffing Specialist

As a Murfreesboro staffing specialist, Seymour Staffing wants to help your manufacturing company and factory grow today. To learn more about our recruiting services give us a call at 919-424-6318 or fill out our online form and someone will be able to reach out to you shortly.