Employement Advice 101: Be Kind to Your Boss

02/22/2015 | 

National thank your employees day is slowly approaching and it’s that time of the year, where your boss says thank you for everything that goes foregranted in your office. This time of the year we often say thank you to all of our employees but before you take everything in don’t forget to tell your bosses thank you.

Telling your boss thank you is something that often gets forgotten in this crazy world. It’s important as well that you remind them just how important that they are in your life as well.

Here are a few steps to say thank you to your boss and to be truthful

  1. First off it’s important to tell your boss that you say thank you, only when you mean it and not just to earn brownie points.
  2. Be truthful, direct, and honest when talking to him. If you’re anything than honest or truthful he’ll be able to read through your words.
  3. Keep it simple and sincere. If you can’t express yourself in a few actions it’s not worth it.
  4. Address the actions that led to your conversation. Let him know why you’re saying thank you.

Remember a happy boss means a happy employee and it makes for a better working environment.

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