Apple and the Manufacturing Industry

09/14/2017 | 

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Apple’s big day has come and gone, and it looks like we will be getting that new iPhone, new iTV, and various other Apple devices in just a matter of days.

Despite all of the announcements, including the iPhone X, the real defining moment for us is how Apple will continue to define the manufacturing industry.

The Evolution of the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing used to be a term that people hated and related with the creation of machines and automobiles, but manufacturing in today’s world includes the creation of cell phones, tablets, and mobile devices. These are the items that we all carry with us and take with us everywhere, and we can all thank Apple for this. It was 10 years ago that they defined what the trajectory of the mobile market and everything has been different ever since.

Back before the iPhone existed many of us had started considering computers something everybody needed, but the idea of carrying a computer with us everywhere was an idea that was almost non-existent.

Because of this, the first iteration of the iPhone, manufacturing has never been the same. In a time of cars and computers, engineering has slowly changed. And with Apple, our industry changed forever as well.

Skills Needed in Today’s Manufacturing World

With Apple’s iPhone, we saw the changing of manufacturing. Knowing that they needed to make millions and if not billions of these devices, Apple started looking for skilled workers to help create these devices. Every item needed to be created with skill and finesse, that included electrical knowledge as well as engineering knowledge which is something older manufacturers didn’t need.

Though China continues to lead the world in mobile development, it’s important to note the skills that are now needed in today’s manufacturing world thanks to Apple.

The manufacturing professional in today’s world is someone of a hybrid of electrician, engineer, and computer scientist. No more are they the uneducated workers that we often think about, instead they are the workers and builders of the future.

Apple changed the way we think of manufacturing and for that, we say thank you.

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